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Parent and child fostering

If you have experience of good parenting or a passion to support young parents, we’d love to hear from you.

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Anyone who has children will remember that becoming a parent can be quite a daunting experience. Having someone who understands what you’re going through and can offer help and guidance can make a massive difference.

We’re looking for people with experience or knowledge of good parenting to nurture young parents with the skills, support and confidence they need to help them continue to care for their babies or small children. They could be teenage mothers who need a helping hand and don’t have support available, or even older parents who may need additional support to build their confidence and skills.

A parent and their child will live with you for 12 weeks (sometimes longer) and during this time you will offer mentoring, advice and practical and emotional support to help them prepare for independence. You’ll also be expected to contribute to the assessment of the parent and their ability to care for their child.

You’ll be paid for your time and supported by an experienced team

You’ll receive specific training linked to the new scheme, the usual support and training open to all Central Bedfordshire foster carers, and an intensive support rate of £550 a week when you have a parent and child in placement.

When you are not taking part in this scheme, you can still offer respite, short or longer-term placements, but at the usual fostering rate of £100 or £175 a week alongside an allowance for the child you are caring for.

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Your help and support could make all the difference to a child remaining with their parent. If you’d like to find out more, complete our fostering eligibility form and register your interest.

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