Trading Standards Approved (TSA) - Nominated neighbours

Good neighbours stop rogue traders.

Are you a good neighbour? Do you want to protect vulnerable residents from rogue traders?

Signs an unwanted doorstep caller is visiting a neighbour:

  • traders have been cold calling in the area
  • a builder’s van is parked nearby, particularly one that doesn’t include a company name or contact details
  • building or maintenance work on your neighbour’s garden or house starts unexpectedly
  • poor quality work is visible on the roof, driveway, or property
  • your neighbour appears anxious or distressed
  • your neighbour visits the bank, building society, or post office more frequently, particularly if they are accompanied

What can you do?

  • ask your neighbour in private - in person or on the phone - if things are OK
  • if they are displeased, suggest calling a relative or carer on their behalf
  • note any vehicle registration numbers
  • keep hold of any flyers you have received through your door
  • ask if the trader has left any paperwork and put it in a clean food bag
  • if you suspect a crime, call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06, or if the situation with the trader becomes volatile, call the police

For further information on becoming a 'Nominated Neighbour', contact Trading Standards.