Support staff job descriptions - Support Staff Job Descriptions

In this section you will find job descriptions, job profiles and person specifications for support staff roles within maintained schools. Word versions are now available alongside PDF versions.

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For any new roles requiring evaluation and moderation please follow the steps in the guidance (PDF 199KB) document. The guidance document refers to Appendix A for blank templates, guidance notes and local conventions. These documents are listed below.

Blank NJC Job Evaluation Sheet (PDF 30.9KB)

Blank NJC Job Description Questionnaire Template (PDF 80KB)

Blank NJC Job Description Template (PDF 24.8KB)

Preparation of NJC Job Description Questionnaire Guidance Notes (PDF 43.3KB)

Preparation of NJC Job Description Guidance Notes

Copy of NJC Local Conventions (PDF 1.3MB)

Copy of NJC Evaluation Scheme Notes (PDF 4.1MB)

Copy of NJC Salary Levels Evaluation Points (PDF 12.6KB)
Copy of NJC Weighting Matrix (PDF 125.4KB)

Blank Hay Job Description Template (PDF 80KB)

Blank Hay Job Evaluation Sheet (PDF 31.4KB)

School Support Staff Evaluation Results (PDF 119.6KB)