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Bedfordshire Real Nappy Library

What is a real nappy library?

We know that choosing real nappies can seem a little confusing to begin so using a real nappy library is a great way to choose and try out cloth nappies, making sure you pick the right one for your child and getting a good fit before you decide to buy.

Bedfordshire Real Nappy Library

Bedfordshire Real Nappy Library (link opens in new window) provides a hiring service and free impartial advice so that you can get more information on how to build your own trial kit.

As the library is non-profit, any donations go straight back into the library, helping it expand and provide nappies for others to trial. They are also available to do demos for ante-natal classes and can bring nappies for other groups who may be interested (such as sling meets, breastfeeding groups and support groups etc.).

They have a variety of options depending on whether you’re completely new to cloth or already using real nappies either full or part time and just want to try a different brand.

Single nappies

These can be hired out at a fee of 50p each for a 2 week period, up to a maximum of 10 nappies for £5.

There is a fully refundable deposit of £10 required for between 1 and 5 nappies and a fully refundable deposit of £20 required for between 5 and 10 nappies to cover loss or damage.

Staining is fine as this will sometimes happen and once the nappies are returned to the library they will be able to ‘sun them out’ or use a stain remover.

Full kits

These are available in newborn or birth to potty size and will include around 20 nappies, a nappy bucket, and a wet bag for use when you’re out and about, additional boosters for increased absorbency and both flushable and washable liners.

A full kit can be hired at a fee of £10 for a 2 week period, with the option to extend the loan term by 2 weeks at a time.

The fee for extending is £5 per additional fortnight and regardless of the loan term, there will be a fully refundable deposit of £60 required to cover loss or damage.

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