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Woodside Link road news - 2014-2015

21 December 2015: Installation of the sheet piling for the retaining wall on Sandringham Drive is now complete.

10 December 2015: Work is progressing well on the scheme's four main structures: Parkside Bridge, Houghton Brook Bridge, a box culvert for the brook, sheet piling for the retaining wall on Sandringham Drive. The embankments for the road are 50 per cent complete.

3 December 2015: Five photographs from a tour of the site have been posted in a Facebook album (link opens in new window). They include pictures of the construction of Parkside Bridge and Houghton Brook Bridge.

27 November 2015: This page has been providing you with Woodside Link news updates for exactly a year. If you would like more information on any of the updates, let us know by emailing (link opens in new window).

23 November 2015: If you have questions about the installation of the sheet piling or anything else, come along to the Joint Visitor Centre at the A5-M1 Link compound on Sundon Road LU4 9TX (link opens in new window) on Thursday 26 November between 2pm and 4pm to ask an expert. You can also ask your question between 2pm and 4pm using the Woodside Link Facebook page (link opens in new window) or email (link opens in new window). Questions received after 4pm will be answered later on.

23 November 2015: Work to install sheet piling for the retaining wall on Sandringham Drive starts on Monday 30 November and is expected to last three weeks. The team installing the wall will be working between the hours 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, although some weekend work may be necessary. While the team will try to minimise work noise, some disturbance is unavoidable. The sheet piling will be installed painted blue and the artwork will be added later.

16 November 2015: As part of Road Safety Week (link opens in new window), motorcyclists are invited for a free breakfast on Wednesday 25 November between 7.30am and 10am at the Woodside Link Balfour Beatty compound (link opens in new window) on Sundon Road, LU4 9TX.

15 November 2015: Woodside Link sound artist Dr Marcus Leadley taught three classes at Central Bedfordshire College today - introducing GCSE, A-level and HND students to the art of sound recording. Some of the students then went on a 'sound walk' to record sounds for the Woodside Link Anthem for the Road (link opens in new window).

9 November 2015: Work is about to start to install piling mat for the retaining wall on Sandringham Drive, subject to weather conditions.

4 November 2015: As part of the Woodside Link road project, UK Power Networks (UKPN) and its contractor Costain are starting to remove the line of 23 132kV towers this weekend - from Porz Avenue to Chalton village via Wheatfield Road / Sandringham Drive. The Porz Avenue roundabout will be closed from 8pm Friday 6 November to midnight Sunday/Monday.

3 November 2015: The footway from Parkside Drive to Wheatfield Road that included a section of the old bus link will close on 9 November for safety reasons. This was also the route of National Cycle Route 6. A signed and lit diversion will be in place between Frogmore Road and Wheatfield pharmacy (Wheatfield Road).

2 November 2015: A new section of road connecting Luton Road and Sundon Road opens on Monday 9 November, in advance of further M1 junction 11a construction works. Two-way traffic signals will be in use for one night between 8pm and 6am on 9 November to complete white-lining and install signage as the switch is made to the new layout.

27 October 2015: The contractors are bringing bridge beams on to the work site today and tomorrow via Parkside Drive. This should not cause residents any problems or issues.

20 October 2015: Earthworks are now extending into the area between Sandringham Drive / Frogmore Road and Wheatfield Road. Increased noise levels may be experienced at times in neighbouring roads whilst contractors take delivery of materials and finalise these works. They will also carry out drainage works, install sheet piles for the retaining wall, and complete kerbing and surfacing. To ensure noise is kept to an acceptable level, working hours have been agreed with the local Environmental Health Officer.

12 October 2015: Please note that the new section of Luton Road, Chalton, will be closed Tuesday 13 October from 8pm to 6am so surfacing works can be completed. This upgrade to the local road network is part of the A5-M1 Link scheme.

8 October 2015: A section of Sundon Road closes 8pm Friday 16th October to 6am Monday 19th October to complete work for a future roundabout on the A5-M1 Link scheme. The work must be completed for the A5-M1 Link scheme to be constructed properly and safely.

7 October 2015: Earthworks continue on the Woodside Link site: site clearance, topsoil stripping, embankment filling. Work to install Houghton Brook Bridge has commenced, and excavation work has begun prior to the construction of supporting structures for Parkside Bridge. Most of the archaeological works have been completed. Forthcoming works include diverting a section of Houghton Brook and laying foundations for the retaining wall that will be installed next to Sandringham Drive.

23 September 2015: Luton Road, in Chalton, will be closed either side of the M1 over bridge from Friday 25 September 8pm to link it to the new road layout, as work continues on building a new junction 11A for the M1 motorway. Full details are available on the Highways England website (link opens in new window).

14 August 2015: Earthworks are progressing well on the Woodside Link site. Work will start on the west side of the old bus-link soon. Houghton Brook Bridge is currently being constructed. Drainage, utility diversion and archaeological works continue.

28 July 2015: Woodside Link construction - progress to date:

  • Woodside Link site fully established including works compound
  • 50% of topsoil strip carried out
  • bulk earthworks commenced to make route level
  • archaeological investigations approximately 75 per cent complete, north of Houghton Brook
  • pre-earthworks drainage installed north of Houghton Brook

15 July 2015: A Meet the Contractor exhibition is taking place on Tuesday 21 July and Wednesday 22 July, 2pm to 7pm, so that residents can ask questions and find out about the work that will take place during the construction of the Woodside Link. On Tuesday 21 July it is at the Joint Visitor Centre, A5-M1 site, Sundon Road LU4 9TX. On Wednesday 22 July it is at the Ash Room, Bedford Square Community Centre, Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis LU5 5ES.

26 June 2015: 'Cut and fill' earthworks have now commenced in the northern section of the route.

25 June 2015: The Woodside Link Facebook page (link opens in new window) now includes a brand new computer-generated picture of how the scheme will look.

17 June 2015: There is a speed restriction of 50mph on both carriageways of the M1 between junctions 11 and 12 from Wednesday 17 June, so that temporary slip roads can be used to make deliveries to the A5-M1 Link road (link opens in new window) site.

1 June 2015: The Woodside Link is to have its own Anthem for the Road - made from short recordings of local sounds sent in by residents. Find out how to get involved on our new art webpage (link opens in new window).

27 May 2015: Construction of the Woodside Link started this week. Topsoil stripping has commenced. A main site compound and site fencing are also being installed.

26 May 2015: If you have a question about the Woodside Link road, you can also now contribute to the scheme's dedicated Facebook page (link opens in new window).

7 May 2015: During the closure of Porz Avenue / Park Road North / Poynters Road roundabout over two weekends, the A and Z bus services are being split into two separate services. Route A will extend from Parkside, Dog & Duck over the Z route to Windsor Drive terminating at Sandringham Drive, Milton Way. Route Z will divert at Tomlinson Avenue via Wheatfield Road to the Wheatfield Surgery turning circle. There will be no link between Lewsey Farm and Houghton Regis during the closure. Details of the roundabout closure are included below in the entry for 27 April.

5 May 2015: Central Bedfordshire Council is closing a number of lengths of Chalton and Houghton Regis footpaths from 12 May 2015 to 28 September 2016, due to the construction of the Woodside Link. There are no plans for official alternative routes but routes may become available as work progresses and will be signed on site.

27 April 2015: Please note that The Porz Avenue / Park Road North / Poynters Road roundabout will be closed from 8pm on Friday 8 May to 6am on Monday 11 May, and again from 8pm on Friday 15 May to 6am on Monday 18 May. This is to allow the rerouting of electricity cables underground. A short diversion will be indicated (available in the file in the Download More Information list alongside) and business access will not be affected.

13 April 2015: The contract to construct the Woodside Link road has this afternoon been awarded to Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK. Central Bedfordshire Council authorised the contract award at a meeting of its Executive on 31 March 2015.

9 April 2015: Highways England (which replaced the Highways Agency earlier this month (link opens in new window)) has produced a useful 3D aerial animation showing the route of the A5-M1 Link - available online on You Tube (link opens in new window).

4 April 2015: Work to protect and relocate water voles on Houghton Brook has been successfully completed as part of advance work for the Woodside Link.

18 March 2015: If you missed last week's A5-M1 Start of Works Exhibition, the information boards are now available online (link opens in new window).

9 March 2015: A public exhibition informing residents of the type of work that will take place during the construction of the Highways Agency's A5-M1 Link and Central Bedfordshire Council's Woodside Link takes place this week. On Friday 13 March the Highways Agency’s ‘A5-M1 Link Start of Works Exhibition’ visits Chalton Village Hall (2pm to 8pm), and on Saturday 14 March it moves to The Incuba, Dunstable (10am to 4pm). Project team members will be available to answer questions and queries.

25 February 2015:To help us keep you properly informed about the Woodside Link road, we want to know what you already know about the project. Please complete our short online questionnaire (link opens in new window).

16 February 2015: Vegetation clearance is currently taking place on the route of the Woodside Link. This includes an area next to the diamond-shaped pylon area for a temporary site compound. Advance work is also taking place on a section of Houghton Brook to protect and relocate water voles.

2 December 2014:Planning documents have been published online for potential additional junctions: left in-out compound access (link opens in new window) (case number CB/14/04621), three-way roundabout (link opens in new window) (Southern access, CB/14/04616), and four-way roundabout (link opens in new window) (CB/14/04623)/four-way dual carriage way signalised junction (link opens in new window) (Sundon Link, CB/14/04617). The amendments would enable the Woodside Link to serve the residential and commercial development planned to take place to the north and east of Houghton Regis. This is part of the original intention of the Woodside Link.

1 December 2014: The short film Dunstable - The Next Chapter (link opens in new window) has been released showing improvements and regeneration plans in and around Dunstable.

30 November 2014: Luton Today - Experts say new Dunstable road links will cut travel times (link opens in new window).
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28 November 2014: Initial work has begun on surveys, rerouting electricity cabling underground in the 'wedge' between Sandringham Drive and Wheatfield Road, and planning for the scale of construction.

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