Stratton Street - Biggleswade

Stratton Street bridge - Biggleswade

Bridge to re-open 26 June 2016

We can confirm that Biggleswade Bridge will be opening on Sunday, 26 June subject to any further adverse weather.

Bridge works blown back to June

Over the weekend of 20 / 21 February 2016, high winds again prohibited planned work on the Stratton Street railway bridge in Biggleswade. With wind speeds gusting up to 50mph, it was not safe to use the cranes brought in to lift the remaining sections of the bridge and, whilst some progress was made in carrying out ancillary works, 6 sections of the old bridge had to remain in place.

The effect of this weather event has delayed the current works programme by around a month, with re-opening of the road having to be pushed back into June.

Regrettably, last weekend was a key date in the programme, as our contractors had been granted a major possession of the railway line by Network Rail, and future possessions that have been agreed are of far shorter duration – at around two hours per weekend. 

We are, however, working with Network Rail to see whether there is any opportunity to agree longer possession periods and bring the programme back on track.

We will provide an update here as soon as we know more.

Updated timeline

June 2016

Complete construction of the bridge, resurface and re-open the road for June.

May 2016

Complete installation of new bridge deck and parapets.

April 2016

Finish Bridge Deck removal.
Begin Installation of new bridge deck.

Christmas 2015

Bridge works were postponed over Christmas and Boxing Day due to server weather conditions from Storm Eva. This means our timeline of works changed in order to complete the bridge works by the end of May 2016.

Information for residents

Will your road be busier?

We have carried out consultation with emergency services, buses, Highways England and Cllrs to achieve the best possible diversion route on the existing network. Whilst we appreciate some of the routes are not ideal, we have carried out a lot of work to ensure large vehicles can travel down narrower roads and have taken a 12m bus around all routes before the closure. Whilst we appreciate your road will be busier, we must use the entire network to reduce congestion for the period of this closure.

Parking bays being moved

In order to allow for larger vehicles on roads that wouldn’t otherwise be accommodated, some bays have been moved and suspended temporarily. These will be reverted back after the scheme.

Damage to property

Dilapidation surveys will be carried out prior to and after the works to ensure there is no change in the surrounding buildings. This will also be monitored throughout the works.

Bus routes

View information about any bus route changes.

Information for businesses

We have a statutory obligation to maintain the public highway. This means that we must repair damage to highway structures when required to avoid:

  • damage to nearby property
  • damage to the railway line
  • long term damage to the bridge
  • permanent closure of the bridge due to being unsafe for vehicles
  • closure of the railway line due to falling debris from the bridge, or most importantly injury or harm to persons travelling over or under the bridge

We are carrying out the works in line with their delegated powers to close the road for highway maintenance purposes. We will work with businesses to reduce the impact wherever possible and if residents and businesses feel we can do more to assist them we welcome their suggestions.

Claim for a loss of trade

You will need to contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) (link opens in new window), which is part of the Inland Revenue, to make an appeal against the level of your Rateable Value (RV) for the temporary period of the road works. If your RV is reduced, we will be informed and you will be sent a revised rate bill.

You are required to carrying on paying as per your original rate bill regardless of any appeal you may make. The VOA can be contacted on 03000 501501.
If you can demonstrate this financial hardship, you can apply for a discretionary award of hardship relief off your rates bill.

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