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Request a dropped kerb

How to apply

Read the guidance notes (PDF 39KB) and email to check if planning permission is required.

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About dropped kerbs

Vehicular accesses, also known as "dropped kerbs", are an increasingly common sight in residential areas. They grant greater security for parked cars from both random accidents and malicious acts, reduce vehicle insurance premiums and have a noted upward effect on the value of a property. Under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980, highway authorities have the power to permit the construction of vehicular accesses to private properties

If you wish to park your car on your property, the kerb will need to be dropped or lowered and the pavement strengthened. It's illegal to drive over the pavement or verge unless we've approved and installed a dropped kerb.

The dropped kerb has to be done by the council and we aim to do this within 12 weeks from the date of your final payment. All dropped kerb quotations and timeframes will be done on a case by case basis following a site visit.


Dropped kerbs add value to the property and you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of £124.30 to check if the dropped kerb is feasible and then the costs of the installation.

Please be aware that the overall cost of a dropped kerb may differ on a case by case basis.

If you live on a classified road

You may need planning permission if your property is on a classified road, is a listed building or is divided into flats.

How to check if you live on a classified road

  1. visit My Central Bedfordshire (link opens in new window)
  2. search for your postcode

Registered disabled

If you are registered disabled, you can approach our occupational therapy team on 0300 300 8303 to find out if you're eligible for funding.

Guidance notes

Before making your application, read the guidance notes (PDF 39KB) and email to check if planning permission is required.

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