Request a dropped kerb, H bar or skip permit

Request a dropped kerb

It is illegal to drive a vehicle across the kerb where there is no vehicle crossing. If you wish to park your car on your property, the kerb will need to be dropped or lowered and the pavement strengthened. This has to be done by a council team.

It is an offence to park across a dropped kerb.

Dropped kerbs add value to the property and you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of £124.30 for the application and inspection, and then the costs of the installation.

You may need planning permission if your property is on a classified road, is a listed building or commercial premises or is divided into flats.

Registered disabled

If you are registered disabled, you can approach our occupational therapy team on 0300 300 8303.

How to apply

Read the guidance notes (PDF 39KB) and email to check if planning permission is required.

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