At Central Bedfordshire Council we want to make sure that our services are meeting the needs of local families and their children. To help us to do this we are asking you to complete this short survey and share your views about your involvement with our social work teams. It will help us to make sure we have done all we can to help you to achieve your goals and to enable us to do things better in the future.

Please give us your honest feedback - you don’t have to complete all the questions if you don’t want to.


Getting in touch with us

Q2 How easy or hard was it to get in touch with your social worker?
Q3 How do you contact us most often? Please tick one
Q4 Do we respond quickly enough?

How we treat you

Q5 How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the social workers and other staff who supported your family?
  Always Most of the time Sometimes Never Not sure
  They treated me and my family with respect
  They explained clearly why they were visiting
  They respected my beliefs and situation (race, culture, sexuality, language, etc)
  They gave me the time and space to ask and say anything I wanted to
  They helped me to understand all the decisions they were making
  They asked how they could help
  They kept in touch and let me know what was happening and when
  I was clear about what help was being offered
Q6 Were there things the social worker didn't understand?

Following Up

Q7 If you were provided with a service was it:
Q8 Did the social worker say what would happen following the visit?
Q9 Were we quick in letting you know?
Q10 If there was a delay, did we get in touch to let you know why?
Q11 Did we send you a written copy of our assessment and minutes of meetings you attended?
Q12 To what extent did you agree or disagree with the outcome of your assessment?
Q14 Did we do what we said we would do?
Q15 Did we tell you how to complain if something wasn't right?
Q16 Have you complained?
Q17 If so, was it resolved?

Your Overall Experience

Q18 Overall, how would you rate the service you received?

About you
The last few questions are about you. The information you give us will help us to make sure that we're getting the views of all members of the community. The answers will not be used to identify any individual. You can read more about why we ask these questions on our website

Q22 What is your gender?
Q23 Do you consider yourself to be disabled? Under the Equality Act 2010 a person is considered to have a disability if he/she has a physical or mental impairment which has a sustained and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day to day activities
Q24 To which of these groups do you consider you belong?

Thank you for giving us your views.

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Data Protection Act 1998
Please note that your personal details supplied on this form will be held and/or computerised by Central Bedfordshire Council. The information collected may be disclosed to officers and members of the Council and its partners involved in this consultation. Summarised information from the forms may be published, but no individual details will be disclosed under these circumstances.
Your personal details will be safeguarded and will not be divulged to any other individual or organisation for any other purposes.
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