School Notifiable Projects (SNPs)

School Notifiable Projects (SNP)

All community schools, academies who lease a local authority owned building and voluntary controlled schools must submit a school notifiable project (SNP) application to seek approval for all extensions, alterations, maintenance, service works and demolition to a school building or site. We must grant permission before any work begins.

Other schools are encouraged to use the process, to provide reassurance that a project has been subject to scrutiny by a range of local authority services which specialise in the technical appraisal and support of construction projects.

The application process flowchart shows timescales from application to completion. It is important that you allow enough time for a school notifiable project application to be processed, for example for a summer holiday project we recommend that a SNP1 outline proposal application is submitted by Easter.

The aim of the process is to assist and support schools who wish to undertake certain building alterations and extensions. Safety is paramount and the approval scheme provides a level of support to schools and governing bodies to ensure that statutory responsibilities under health and safety legislation are complied with. All schools are encouraged to use the process, to provide support and protection.

The SNP approval process takes a minimum of 4 weeks to complete, but your project may require other approvals, or permissions with timescales which you need to be aware of, such as:

  • asbestos survey / intrusive works: 2 to 3 months
  • building regulation approval: 10 days
  • insurance (additional temporary cover): 10 days
  • planning application approval: 6 to 8 weeks

These types of applications must be approved before any work begins and you will need to factor these timescales in when planning your project start date. The guidance document (PDF 965.6KB) provides examples of projects that require an SNP application and valuable information on all aspects of running a project. You should consult this guidance when completing the SNP forms. It is important that schools are aware that any work carried out before approval is granted is done entirely at the school’s own risk. 

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