Health and Safety

Guidance on Emergency Planning

It is appreciated that, in Central Bedfordshire, pre-school education is accommodated in a broad range of premises ranging from purpose built, multi-area buildings to single roomed village halls. There is also a wide range in terms of capacity (anything between 10 and 140 places available) and the number of staff.

This guidance has been produced with consideration to the diverse emergency planning needs that arise as a result of the broad range of provision and is comprised of two documents.  The first document, Emergency Planning for Pre-School Settings (PDF 382.4KB) provides basic information in relation to the key aspects of emergency and business continuity planning as well as a section by section guide on how best to complete the CBC Pre-School Setting Emergency Plan Template (link opens in new window). The template is in WORD format for ease of editing and the sections are colour coded for speed of access. Once the template is completed, your Pre-School Setting will have a quick reference guide for use in an emergency.

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