School Organisation and Capital Planning team

School organisation plan 2017

The School Organisation Plan (PDF 1.7MB) (SOP), is published annually.

The SOP outlines both expected changes in pupil population over the next 5 years and proposals for delivering additional school places where required. The SOP is a key evidence base to support decisions on where to spend available capital investment, and is designed to enable transparent and objective decision making by us as a commissioner of school places. The document takes into account Central Bedfordshire's Partnership VisionĀ for Education 2015 - 2019 (PDF 94.1KB) and contains additional data regarding special schools and special units attached to mainstream schools.

Funding is available from the Department for Education towards building maintenance and ensuring the correct number of school places (Basic Need). We are eligible to apply for funding for both of these purposes. In addition, we continue to negotiate developer contributions for new school places where required as a result of new housing.

Following the publication of the first SOP in 2011, the New School Places Programme was created to implement actions identified in the SOP, which is updated regularly. More information regarding this programme can be found under the New School Places Programme heading.

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