School Organisation and Capital Planning team

School place planning

Information on the latest pupil numbers and capacities at Central Bedfordshire Schools can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Performance Hub.

On 5 February 2013, the Council’s Executive approved 9 policy principles for pupil place planning throughout Central Bedfordshire. These 9 principles, as listed below, will be applied through the evaluation against all future commissions for new school places, while also considering the council’s statutory obligations to promote parental choice, diversity, high standards, the fulfilment of every child’s educational potential, and fair access to educational opportunity:

  1. the need to provide local schools for local children, ensuring a sense of community belonging whilst also promoting sustainable modes of travel
  2. the need to create schools that are of sufficient size to be financially and educationally viable
  3. the ability to support the expansion of local popular and successful schools, or to link expanding schools with popular and successful schools
  4. the potential to further promote and support robust partnerships and learning communities
  5. the ambition to achieve a single phase of education 0 to 19 and reduce school transfer points
  6. the need to support the Raising of the Participation Age (RPA)
  7. to seek opportunities to create inspirational learning environments for the school, and to maximise community use
  8. to promote the diversity of provision offered in Central Bedfordshire to increase opportunities for parental choice
  9. to support vulnerable learners in Area Special Schools and integrate appropriate Special Educational Needs provision within mainstream schools
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