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Property data survey programme

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) wrote to us in April 2012 to advise of their exercise regarding the collection of up-to-date and accurate condition data for all schools. The letter from the EFA (link opens in new window) provided information regarding the process, including the time and the names of the organisations which would be undertaking the work.

The surveys were undertaken by qualified surveyors who carried out visual inspections of education buildings in line with a surveying manual. As part of the qualitative assessment of the Property Data Survey Programme, the EFA commissioned an Audit Team to revisit a representative sample of the education establishments where surveys had been completed to undertake a quality audit of the submitted survey data. Some schools or academes that had been surveyed as part of this programme, therefore, received notification from the EFA of a further visit by the Audit Team.

The programme of surveys ran from May 2012 to July 2014. Just under 19,000 establishments were surveyed and the summary report of the property data survey is available on the DfE's (link opens in new window) website.

Also available on the same website is the condition need model, which provides an explanation of how survey data collected through the programme has been weighted to provide a relative assessment of condition need.

The information gathered has provided the department with a clearer picture of the condition of the school estate, which is being used to help ensure that funding is targeted to where it is most needed.

To date, the information collected has been used to support the Schools Condition Allocations and the second phase of the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP2).

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