School admission appeals

When and where will the hearing be held?

For children due to start school and to move into the next tier of school, appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal form being received so long as it meets the deadline, which will be stated in the letter telling you where your child has been allocated a place.

Appeal locations

Appeals will take place in a Central Bedfordshire location either in Dunstable, or at Priory House in Shefford.

The appeals clerk will write to you at least 2 weeks before your appeal hearing to tell you the date, time and location.

You should attend the hearing if possible as this is your only chance to explain your case to the panel.

The panel’s decision is final

Once the panel’s decision has been made it cannot be changed.

Appeals take place during the weekday

Appeals are heard during the working day. They are not heard at weekends, in the evening or during school holidays.

If you work or have daytime commitments you will need to make arrangements to be at the hearing.

If you are prevented from attending the hearing for an exceptional reason, please ring the appeals clerk on 0300 300 8029.

If the hearing cannot be re-arranged, the panel will decide the appeal in your absence using the information you have already given.

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