School admission appeals

Panel members and the hearing

Who will be at the appeal hearing?

  • the 3 panel members
  • either a school admissions officer or a representative of the school
  • yourself, plus your partner or a supporter
  • an interpreter or signer if you need one
  • the appeals clerk

Who are the appeal panel members?

The panel is made up of 3 independent people who have volunteered to do this work, and who have been trained. They are not paid, and they are not associated with the council or a school connected to your appeal except as an independent appeal panel member.

One panel member will chair the appeal hearing and will guide you through the procedure so that you know when to make your case for your child to be admitted to the school, and when you can ask questions.

When the clerk sends the papers to you before the hearing they will also tell you which panel members will hear your case. If you think you know any of the panel members please ring the clerk immediately on 0300 300 8029.

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