School admission appeals

Application to appeal

Preparation for the appeal

It is best to put in your appeal as soon as possible to ensure it is heard before the end of the school term. Late appeals which do not meet the deadlines, and appeals made at any other time of year, will be heard within 30 school days of being submitted (school holidays are not school days).

If you would like the Appeal Panel to see any supporting evidence you must provide this yourself - e.g. any health records should be provided by you, as we will not contact your doctor to obtain them.

You should collect all the evidence you want to be considered and send it to the Clerk to the Appeals Panel as soon as possible.

For example, you might want to submit:

  • letters from your doctor if the appeal is on medical grounds
  • letters from your priest or faith leader if your appeal is on religious grounds

We will only accept evidence provided by you, so please do not ask anyone to send evidence directly to us.

How to appeal online

In-year appeals

Appeal in-year admission >>

Lower / primary school appeals

Appeal lower /primary admission >>

Transfer to middle school appeals

Appeal transfer to middle school admission >>

Transfer to upper / secondary school appeals

Appeal transfer to upper / secondary school admission >>

How to appeal offline

You can also telephone to request a paper appeal form if you prefer (0300 300 8029). Please fill out the appeal form carefully (both sides, if you are using the paper form).

You can:

  • appeal against each schools decision to refuse you a place. Please use a separate form for each school
  • accept a place at another school while arrangements are made for your appeal, so that your child is not missing out on school until after your appeal has been resolved

Appeal deadline

You must return the form(s) by the deadline.

If your appeal is received after the deadline your appeal may be heard after others for the same school, so please complete your form as soon as possible.

Receipt of form acknowledgement

We will acknowledge receiving your appeal. Please call 0300 300 8029 if you have not received an acknowledgement 2 weeks after posting your appeal.

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