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Technical supporting studies for the Local Plan

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The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan will be supported by a range of technical evidence studies, a number of these will be published for consultation in draft form in spring 2017. Prior to this there will be some consultations in support of preparing this technical evidence, these are detailed below.

Site Assessment Criteria

In June/July 2016 we consulted on the technical site assessment criteria that we produced to evaluate all of the sites that have been submitted. Once we have reviewed the comments received and made any required changes, we will use the criteria to assess sites. Crucially the sites which come through this process will not automatically become the draft housing allocations in the Local Plan, the criteria provide a technical assessment of sites and a the wider evidence base for the Local Plan will also be used to determine the most sustainable locations for growth. The evidence base includes the results of public consultation, the sustainability appraisal and the strategic growth options studies.

Sustainability Appraisal - Scoping Report

The Sustainability Appraisal is an integral part of the plan making process. We must carry out an appraisal of the plan proposals to identify how sustainable development is being addressed.

There are a number of stages involved in the Sustainability Appraisal process. The first stage is the preparation of this Scoping Report and we consulted on this stage in July/August 2016.

The comments will be used to prepare a final Scoping Report which identifies environmental, economic and social issues of particular importance to Central Bedfordshire that should be considered when preparing the Local Plan and sets the framework against which the Local Plan will be assessed as it is prepared. Both the policies and site allocations within the Local Plan will be assessed against this framework.

Other technical reports

In 2017, we will be going out to consultation on a number of our technical supporting studies, including:

  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (including the results of the Site Assessment process)
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • Water Cycle Study
  • Retail Study
  • Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (PDF 1.7MB)
  • Gypsy and Traveller Site Assessment
  • Functional Economic Market Area (FEMA) and Employment Land Review (ELR) studies
  • Sustainability Appraisal of Options
  • Strategic Green Belt Review
  • Urban Capacity Study
  • Growth Options Studies
  • Viability Assessment of the SHLAA
  • Settlement Capacity Study
  • Settlement Envelope Review

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