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A local development scheme is a document which contains a local authority’s proposed timetable for producing their local plan. The local development scheme is an important document that allows local planning authorities to keep communities informed of their progress in plan making.

Our Local Development Scheme (PDF 782.6KB) updated in March 2018. The updated timetable (link opens in new window) sees us submitting the Local Plan in April 2018.

The Planning team have been busy processing, reading and analysing every comment (representation) submitted during our pre-submission consultation, which closed on February 22. Here’s an infographic that explains more.

We had 6,275 comments in response to that final round of consultation and every single one of those has been processed, read and considered by a professional planner, the same as we did following the previous consultation (Regulation 18) last summer.

Read these comments online (link opens in new window), in 'Draft & Historic Documents' section and then under the category 'Central Bedfordshire Pre-submission Local Plan (January 2018)'.

There is a magnifying glass icon next to each chapters/comment point, which you can click on to view comments on that topic. Alternatively, you can click ‘Search Representations’ at the top of the page, choose the relevant document and search that way.

We have now reached the stage in our Local Plan process where we will be taking it to full Council on 26 April, to be authorised for submission to the Secretary of State. The report for this agenda item is available to read online (link opens in new window) from 5pm on 19 April.

If Members support the recommendation, we will be submitting the Local Plan to the Secretary of State at the end of April, as anticipated. This will then fulfil our statutory obligations, after which a Planning Inspector will review the submission documents and set a timetable for the Local Plan to be heard at a public examination.

Local Plan pre-submission process

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