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General questions and answers

What is the Call for Sites?

We launched the Local Plan in February 2016 and the Call for Sites, which ran until April 2016, was one of the first steps. The Call for Sites was an opportunity for agents, landowners and developers to submit land which could be developed to meet future demand for homes and jobs.

Why did we do a Call for Sites?

We need to make sure that there is enough land to meet Central Bedfordshire’s needs for housing, jobs and Gypsy and Traveller sites, as part of the new Local Plan. A Call for Sites is a way for us to identify land which is available for development.

There are a lot of sites listed. Will they all be developed?

No. All of the proposals will be considered, however, we have received many more submissions than is required to meet housing need and not all sites will be suitable for development. Only an estimated 4-6 per cent of the total land that has been submitted will need to be allocated to deliver the new homes that are needed.

How many houses are needed?

We have commissioned an assessment which will tell us how many homes are needed in Central Bedfordshire up until 2035. This will be available later in 2016. We may also need to deliver homes for neighbouring authorities that are unable to meet their own needs, due to lack of suitable development land. It is estimated that only 4-6 per cent of the total land submitted will need to be developed for new homes.

How many Gypsy and Traveller sites are needed?

The number of pitches (land per household which is suitable for a mobile home, touring caravan and a utility building, together with space for parking) is determined by a needs assessment which every local authority must carry out. We have commissioned a needs assessment and expect to have the results of this by the autumn of 2016. The number of sites needed depends on how many pitches each suitable site can accommodate.

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