Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility

Covanta development proposals

A company called Covanta and a company called Veolia have partnered together to develop a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), or energy recovery facility, at Rookery South Pit (link opens in new window).

The development is known as the Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility.

The development is comprised of an Energy from Waste Facility (EfW) and a post-treatment Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

The facility will be capable of taking household, business and industrial (non-hazardous only) waste that is left over after recycling materials have been removed and burning it to generate energy.

It will generate enough energy to power itself and to meet the electricity needs of 65,000 homes (according to Covanta's website).

You can read more about the companies and their development on the Covanta website (link opens in new window).

Next steps

Covanta has applied to the Environment Agency for an environmental permit (link opens in new window).

An environmental permit will look at operation issues like pollution levels and monitoring of environmental concerns.

The Environment Agency is undertaking a technical review of the permit application. The next stage will be for the Environment Agency to consider issuing a draft permit and publishing a notice of their tentative decision on which they will then carry out consultation.

Only when the Environment Agency grants a permit can the facility start operating.

We expect Covanta to start construction on the site in the Autumn 2017 and it will take around three years to complete.

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