Woodside Link

A Development Consent Order (DCO) has been issued for this new road which will connect Dunstable and the industrial estates in Dunstable and Houghton Regis to the planned new junction 11a (between existing junctions 11 and 12) on the M1. Junction 11a is to be constructed as part of the A5-M1 link road. The road will also form a key part of the layout for Houghton Regis (North) Site 1. The conditions (‘Requirements’) have now been approved.

Four planning applications have been granted planning permission (CB/14/04616, CB/14/04617, CB/14/04621 and CB/14/04623) to vary junctions on the Woodside Link.

For information on the DCO, please visit the Planning Inspectorate's website (link opens in new window) (for the original plans and documents) and the CBC website under ‘application’ reference CB/14/04722 (for the main decision report / letter and the requirements).

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