Community Infrastructure Levy

Representations made to the publication consultation (13 July to 24 August 2015)

The representations below were received in response to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Publication Consultation which ran from 13 July to 24 August 2015.

R01 Dacorum (PDF 114.4KB)

R02 Trustees Bedford Estates (PDF 87.8KB)

R03 CLA (PDF 2.4MB)

R04 D Bodnar (PDF 40.3KB)

R05 Anglian Water (PDF 40.3KB)

R06 Natural England (PDF 93.5KB)

R07 Office of Road and Rail (PDF 63.9KB)

R08 Bedford Borough (PDF 195.9KB)

R09 Sport England (PDF 158.9KB)

R10 Henlow PC (PDF 33.2KB)

R11 Dr J Le Miere (PDF 93.4KB)

R12 Mr I Worswick (PDF 93.5KB)

R13 Mr C Oxborough (PDF 94KB)

R14 Mr R Catt (PDF 93.5KB)

R15 Mrs E Woods (PDF 94KB)

R16 Mr D Brooker - questionnaire (PDF 95.4KB)

R16 Mr D Brooker - letter (PDF 683.5KB)

R17 Flitwick TC (PDF 35.2KB)

R18 McCarthy and Stone (PDF 97KB)

R19 Mrs J Sparrow (PDF 97.3KB)

R20 Mr J Hoppit (PDF 94.2KB)

R21 Bushmead Homes (PDF 104.5KB)

R22 Mr M Bubear (PDF 93.8KB)

R23 Mr A Dansey (PDF 93.5KB)

R24 Mrs L Monck (PDF 93.5KB)

R25 Mr E Maloney (PDF 94.2KB)

R26 Ms F Evans (PDF 95KB)

R27 Miss J Taylor (PDF 93.4KB)

R28 Westhaven Estates (PDF 96.5KB)

R29 Woodland Trust (PDF 98.3KB)

R30 Mr C Ferris (PDF 93.5KB)

R31 Miss L Trebbick (PDF 95.7KB)

R32 Haynes PC (PDF 94.5KB)

R33 Mr C Gravett (PDF 93.7KB)

R34 Mr B McCusker (PDF 93.9KB)

R35 Mrs L Hill (PDF 93.9KB)

(PDF 93.5KB)

R36 Mrs P Gooch (PDF 93.5KB)

R37 Mr G Emery (PDF 93.9KB)

R38 Mr P Kyte (PDF 93.3KB)

R39 Mrs R Persaud (PDF 93.9KB)

R40 Mr M Brown (PDF 95.5KB)

R41 Mr D Toland (PDF 94KB)

R42 Mrs J Parker (PDF 94.3KB)

R43 Mrs N Sinden (PDF 93.6KB)

R44 Mr W R Smith (PDF 94.6KB)

R45 David Wilson Homes (PDF 104.6KB)

R46 Woods Hardwick (PDF 97KB)

R47 Highways (PDF 63KB)

R48 Houghton Regis TC (PDF 105.3KB)

R49 Arlesey TC (PDF 129.8KB)

R50 Dunstable TC (PDF 146.1KB)

R51 Historic England (PDF 69KB)

R52 J B Planning (PDF 238KB)

R53 Heath and Reach PC (PDF 67.9KB)

R54 Langford PC (PDF 91.9KB)

R55 Gladman Developments (PDF 34.3KB)

R56 North Luton Consortium (PDF 175.3KB)

R57 Mr Clarke (PDF 39.7KB)

R58 Lochailort Stotfold Ltd (PDF 671.3KB)

R59 Sainsburys (PDF 98.9KB)

R60 Denison (PDF 79.1KB)

R61 Persimmon Homes (PDF 167.3KB)

R62 Sundon PC and CPRE (PDF 72.5KB)

R63 Croudace Homes (PDF 364.8KB)

R64 Cranfield University (PDF 331.4KB)

R65 Mr B Willison (PDF 94.5KB)

R66 DLA (PDF 1.3MB)

R67 Hearne Homes (PDF 94KB)

R68 Old Road Securities (PDF 943.9KB)

R69 O and H (PDF 141.5KB)

R70 Beds Local Nature Partnership (PDF 472.5KB)

R71 Pigeon Land (PDF 406.4KB)

R72 Redrow Homes Ltd (PDF 152.2KB)

R73 Luton Borough Council (PDF 61.5KB)

R74 Gallagher Estates (PDF 251.1KB)

R75 Abbey Land (PDF 62.8KB)

R76 Co-operative Group (PDF 212.1KB)

R77 Forest of Marston Vale (PDF 497.9KB)

R78 Optimis Ampthill (PDF 808.3KB)

R78 Optimis Ampthill questionnaire (PDF 77.6KB)

R79 High Street Homes (PDF 943KB)

R79 High Street Homes questionnaire (PDF 82.3KB)

R80 Aylesbury Vale District Council (PDF 166.5KB)

R81 Status Homes Ltd (PDF 95.8KB)

R82 Barford and Co (PDF 104KB)

R83 CPRS - Mr M Brooks (PDF 97.2KB)

R84 Ms A Gibson (PDF 94.2KB)

R85 J and J Design (PDF 96.6KB)

R86 Willis Dawson Holdings (PDF 98.2KB)

R87 Jardin Smith Berhad Malaysia (PDF 100.7KB)

R88 Mr J Tomlinson (PDF 95.3KB)

R89 Mr H Pickering (PDF 94KB)

R90 The Theatres Trust (PDF 93.8KB)

R91 Mr P Watson (PDF 95.5KB)

R92 Mrs M Walsh (PDF 97.6KB)

R93 Mr C Dorow (PDF 94.9KB)

R94 Mrs J Pritchett (PDF 93.5KB)

R95 Mr T Ellis (PDF 94.1KB)

R96 Mrs J Crabbe (PDF 94.4KB)

R97 Mr R Bradley (PDF 94.8KB)

R98 Mr K White (PDF 96.2KB)

R99 Mrs J Johnson (PDF 94.8KB)

R100 Harlington PC (PDF 96KB)

R101 Dr O Watts (PDF 94.9KB)

R102 Mr N Matthews (PDF 93.8KB)

R103 Mr and Mrs J Lawrence (PDF 94KB)

R104 Mr M Bastin (PDF 93.7KB)

R105 Mr R Whitfield (PDF 94.2KB)

R106 Mr R Watson (PDF 95.5KB)

R107 Sandy Town Council (PDF 94.8KB)

R108 Ampthill Town Council (PDF 100.3KB)

R109 Biggleswade Town Council (PDF 40.4KB)

R110 Barton le Clay PC (PDF 108.2KB)

Listed below are comments made specifically on the Planning. Obligations Strategy, but please note several representations above also include comments on the Planning Obligations.

PO1 Gladman (PDF 39.6KB)

PO2 Sport England (PDF 109.6KB)

PO3 Mrs G Whitfield (PDF 92.6KB)

PO4 Co-operative Group (PDF 278.4KB)

PO5 Voluntary and Community Action (PDF 262.7KB)

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