Help using our online maps

Alternative formats

Central Bedfordshire Council strives to meet the needs of computer users with a visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility. Due to the graphically intensive nature of our mapping service, this geographic information can not be currently presented in an accessible format. If you would like to access this information in an alternative format please contact the Map Enquiries Team.

Understanding the icons

Zoom box icon Zoom box: this button will enable you to zoom to a particular area of the map. Click on the map and, holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse over the map to draw a box. When you release the mouse button, the map will zoom to the area you selected.

Drag pan icon Drag pan: this button enables you to drag and pan around the map. Click and drag the map by holding down your left mouse button to move the map in any direction.

Zoom to boundary icon Zoom to extent of District: this button will zoom to the extent of the Central Bedfordshire boundary and reset the overlays to the initial state.

Reset overlay icon Reset overlays: this button reset the overlays to the initial state.

Zoom in icon Zoom in: click this button to zoom in towards the centre of the map by a factor of 2. Click the button again to zoom in further.

Zoom out icon Zoom out: click this button to zoom out from the centre of the map by a factor of 2. Click the button again to zoom out further.

Measure icon Measure a Line: this button allows you to measure the distance of a line or a series of lines.

Measure icon Measure an Area: this button allows you to measure the area of a polygon.

Get information icon Get information: once you have selected a map layer it is possible to find out information relating to the features within the map layer, such as the name of a school, items that can be recycled at a recycling centre, the address of a car park.

North direction icon Directional move: the buttons around the edges of the map window allow you to move or pan the map in any of the eight directions by clicking on the individual arrows. The map will move a half of the map width in the direction of the chosen arrow.

Refresh map icon Updating or refreshing a map: select map layer(s) that you want to display or hide, then click this button to refresh the map. You can select one or many of the layers and then refresh the map afterwards to update all of the changes.

Key map: The key map shows the outline of the Central Bedfordshire Council boundary. A red rectangle shows which part of the area is shown in the current map window. You can click on the Key Map to re-centre the map window at the location where you click. To display or hide the key map check or uncheck the Show District map checkbox.

Map scales:

  • A map displayed at a small scale (e.g. 1:50,000) shows less detail and smaller map features but covers a larger area.
  • A map displayed at a large scale (e.g. 1:1,250) shows more detail and larger map features but covers a smaller area.

Address search

You can use 'Address search' to search for and display a specific location on the map.

The search facility is not case sensitive, so you may use upper or lower case. To search for a location, enter details into one or more of the following boxes:

  • Building name/no: to minimise the search results you should also enter a street name or postcode in the relevant box.
  • Street name: to minimise the number of search results you should type in the full name of the street and also enter a building name/number or postcode in the relevant box.
  • Postcode: enter the full postcode eg OL8 2BH.

After entering details in one or more of the boxes, click on the 'Search' button. The results of the search will be displayed on screen in the box below. Click on the required address in the list in order to display the map at that location. A yellow dot on the map will identify the address you selected.

To remove all the text from the search boxes at any time, click on the 'Clear current' button. Please note: If you have already zoomed to a specific location – the map window will remain at this location until you either complete a new search or move around the map using the map tools or other functions.

You can also use the 'Clear current' button to remove the address text from the map.

Map Layers

This function allows you to turn on and off the various mapping layers.

plusExpand Layers:Click to expand the tree to show the layers.

minusContract Layers:Click to contract the tree.

To make a layer invisible ensure there is no tick in the tick box.

refreshRefresh Map:Click this to refresh the map and apply your changes to the layers.

resetReset Layers:Click to reset all the layers to the initial state.

Further help

For further information or assistance please email Map Enquiries Team.