Think! What's around the corner

Central Bedfordshire is well known for its beautiful countryside but with lots of country lanes and roads it can be dangerous for road users.

That is why the Central Bedfordshire Council road safety team along with THINK! Road Safety are urging road users to reduce speeds and brake in time on country roads.

Last year in Central Bedfordshire, 5 people lost their lives with a further 38 seriously injured on our rural roads, these roads being defined as having a speed limit of 60mph or over, excluding trunk roads (M1, A1, A5 etc).

In response, THINK! has  launcheda new country roads campaign. THINK! has partnered with a farmer to turn potential road hazards into impossible-to-ignore warning signs. ‘Helpful Hazards’ features animals and vehicles sprayed with helpful signs prompting drivers to slow down, anticipate hazards and brake before the bend, not on it.

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive Member for community services said: “The countryside is one of the things which make Central Bedfordshire great and our country roads are for everyone; drivers, walkers and cyclists.

“But country roads have their dangers. Even if you think you know a road like the back of your hand, you can never be sure what’s round the corner. So it’s important we all keep our speeds down and make the roads safe for everyone”.

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