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Statement regarding the proposed Lea Bank Energy Park in East Hyde

29 October 2018

We are aware that Emsrayne Renewable Energy Ltd. is proposing to build an energy park at New Mill End in East Hyde.

We are also aware of the strength of feeling in the local community about the proposal and we understand people's concerns. Whilst individual councillors may express personal opinions about the potential energy park, as the planning authority, we must remain impartial and therefore cannot express any opinion on the proposal at this time. We will need to assess the specific details through the planning application process.

As yet, no planning application has been submitted and we do not know if or when one might be submitted; this is the developer's decision.

As part of the statutory planning application process, there will be consultation on the proposals and we will thoroughly consider of all of the feedback.

As the site is in the green belt, any developer will need to be able to clearly demonstrate 'very special circumstances' to justify development in the area. The developer will need to show how the benefits of the proposed development outweigh the harm on the area. This will be a significant challenge for the developer.

The developer will also be required to demonstrate the need for such a development, including what capacity currently exists and any that is under construction.

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