Don’t lose the chance to vote

Central Bedfordshire Council urges local residents to make sure they don’t lose the chance to have their say in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, taking place next May.

Over the last four months, residents will have received a household enquiry form to find out who within each property is eligible to vote. Following this any new electors were sent an individual electoral registration form to ensure that they do not miss the opportunity to vote.

All Household Enquiry forms and Individual Electoral Registration forms must be returned to the council’s Electoral Registration Team so that all those eligible to vote appear on the electoral register to be published on 1 December.

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply to be added to the electoral register and will be able to vote as soon as they turn 18.

Richard Carr, Electoral Registration Officer for Central Bedfordshire said: “You have to be on the electoral register if you want to have your say in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

“We estimate that 15,000 households have not returned their forms. Some people wrongly assume that paying council tax means you are registered to vote. I am urging all those eligible to vote in Central Bedfordshire to confirm their information online, by telephone or to return their form as soon as possible.”

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