LGBT fostering and adoption week: could you give a child a new start in life?

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about who can and can’t foster or adopt.

You may think that if you don’t own your own home, or are single or in a civil partnership, for example, then you’re not able to foster or adopt.

Not true. What we are looking for in Central Bedfordshire are people who are able to give a stable and loving new start to a child or children who may not otherwise have that opportunity.

That’s the message ahead of LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week, which starts on Monday (7 March) and runs until Sunday (13 March).

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s the experience of one male couple from Central Beds who adopted a young child through the council.

They said: “We were nervous, excited and cautious given all the bad press we had heard on the grapevine about the adoption process and also wondered what social workers would make of a same-sex couple that wanted to adopt.

“However, the social worker who we met was warm, knowledgeable, helpful and so positive about same sex couples and adopting.  She reassured us, answered our questions and we walked out on cloud nine. Finally we thought we had a chance to be parents and decided that if we went forward we wanted to choose Central Beds as our agency.

“Adoption is something everyone needs to take very seriously.  You have to be selfless – and don’t underestimate the meaning of that word. It’s all about that little life you are going to parent, but around that little person there is a lot already in their life: birth family(ies), social services, potentially educators, medical professionals etc and one huge life-changing commitment to always do the best by them in all elements of their life.

“It is a wonderful thing for you and the child and since our little one came in to our family we know we would do anything for them.”

If that’s inspired you to take the next step – even if it’s just to find out some more information – then call the team on 0300 300 8181 (fostering) or 0300 300 8090 (adoption).

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