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Stagecoach buses to no longer accept Travel Aid

19 June 2017

Travel Aid schemes for job seekers are currently provided by both Bedford Borough Council and us. It has recently been announced that the Bedford Borough Council scheme will cease from 28 July 2017 (link opens in new window).

Stagecoach buses won't accept Travel Aid passes from 28 July 2017

It has also been confirmed to us that, from the same date, Stagecoach will no longer accept Central Bedfordshire Travel Aid passes which will predominantly affect pass users in east Bedfordshire. The Central Bedfordshire Travel Aid scheme will still continue but will no longer be accepted on Stagecoach bus services. Stagecoach has a scheme called Back on Board (link opens in new window) which offers similar concessions to the Travel Aid scheme and these can be purchased from the Stagecoach bus driver. Current Travel Aid applicants who predominantly use Stagecoach bus services will be advised of the Stagecoach scheme when they next renew their Travel Aid pass and will have to decide themselves whether they feel that scheme will better meet their needs.

Travel Aid will continue for other areas in Central Bedfordshire

We recognise that the scheme is still of benefit to customers based in the south of Central Bedfordshire for use on Arriva and Centrebus services, so these will remain unchanged.

Central Bedfordshire Travel Aid Passes have not been accepted on Grant Palmer buses since 2016 and this will continue.

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