Council making moves on tenant mobility

Central Bedfordshire Council has introduced a new project in response to government guidance on increasing mobility for tenants.

The new guidance, which looks at ‘increasing mobility for social tenants to enable them to meet their aspirations, and to support them into work’, has led to a council project called ‘Making Moves’ which helps people get and keep jobs without the barrier of living far away from their place of work.

‘Making Moves’ is set up for 12 months in recognition that sometimes, travelling long distances to and from a job – especially on public transport - makes it difficult to keep a job. The aim of the project is to remove this as a barrier to work if possible, for those living in both council and Housing Association properties.

The specially assigned project Officer, Sarah, will be working to support tenants who are employed and struggling to keep their job because of where they live, or those struggling to find work. She can give advice and guidance on using public transport, as well as more tailored support on whether people might be eligible to bid for properties in more suitable locations. She’ll also be able to signpost to job opportunities.

Cllr Carole Hegley, Executive Member for Social Care and Housing, said: “The Making Moves project is a great initiative that will hopefully help tenants find and hold on to jobs.

“We want to make sure that our tenants have the best access to information and advice that means their accommodation is in the right place to help them meet their aspirations.”

If you work more than 16 hours a week (full or part time) and are currently negatively affected by the travel costs incurred by travelling to and from work, or are experiencing difficulty with public transport links to and from your place of work, Making Moves Officer Sarah might be able to help. Contact her to find out if a house move is the right way forward for you.

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