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English and maths embedding resources

Please download and review our latest English and Maths resources:

1 Benefits of Embedded Approaches (PDF 42KB)
4 Skills audit - Living with Babies (PDF 51.6KB)
5 Self assessment skills checklist - Food Safety (PDF 276.1KB)
6 Self assessment skills checklist - Early Years (PDF 129KB)
7 Can do cards checklist (PDF 51.6KB)
8 What do I put on the session plan - English (PDF 49.6KB)
9 What do I put on the session plan - maths (PDF 71.4KB)
10 Key Facts Leaflet - Food Safety (PDF 1.2MB)
11 Adapting Learning Resources (PDF 77.6KB)
12 Simplifying a text - before and after - English (PDF 146.8KB)
13 Simplifying a text - before and after - maths (PDF 62.5KB)
14 How to use authentic texts to model reading strategies (PDF 147KB)
15 Using graphic organisers to develop reading for detail (PDF 218.3KB)
16 Developing reading skills through active learning (PDF 66.4KB)
17 Tips on embedded support with vocabulary and spelling (PDF 71.5KB)
18 How to use authentic texts to develop writing skills (PDF 132.2KB)
19 Developing Writing Skills through active learning - a genre approach (PDF 65.4KB)
20 Sample assignment feedback (PDF 40.4KB)
21 How to use writing frames (PDF 58KB)
22 A list of useful connectives (PDF 59.7KB)
23 How to use authentic texts to model calculation strategies (PDF 139.5KB)
24 Modelling three stage problem solving (PDF 91.3KB)
25 Developing maths skills through active learning - a list of key task formats (PDF 65KB)
26 Tips on embedded support with maths (PDF 65.3KB)
27 Useful resources, websites and e learning tools for embedded support (PDF 81.5KB)

EY Can do Literacy 1 (PDF 56.3KB)
EY Can do Literacy 2 (PDF 35.6KB)
EY Can do Literacy 3 (PDF 59.4KB)
EY Can do Literacy 4 (PDF 60.8KB)
EY Can do Literacy 5 (PDF 37KB)
EY Can do Literacy 6 mixed (PDF 49.4KB)
EY Can do Literacy 7 who's (PDF 46.3KB)
EY Can do Literacy cards self assessment  (PDF 47KB)

EY Can do Numeracy 1 (PDF 76.7KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 2 (PDF 70.8KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 3 (PDF 59.6KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 4 (PDF 65.5KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 5 (PDF 65.8KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 6 (PDF 49.4KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 7 (PDF 75.8KB)
EY Can do Numeracy 8 (PDF 33.2KB)
EY Can do Numeracy cards self assessment (PDF 47.2KB)

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