Housing policies

Park home residents

We have approved an ‘offer’ document for Park Home Residents entitled ‘Park Homes in Central Bedfordshire – A Unique Environment and Place to Live’ and the below accompanying appendices. Please download for further information.

Park Homes in Central Bedfordshire (PDF 491.8KB) – A Unique Environment and Place to Live

Appendix A (PDF 595.8KB) – Model Standards 2008 for Caravan Sites

Appendix B (PDF 82.6KB) – Park Home Site Licensing Historic Breaches Standards 2015

Appendix C (PDF 65.8KB) – Feedback from Residents Event - Jan 2014

Appendix D (PDF 79.8KB) – Feedback from Site Owners Engagement Event - Sep 2013

Appendix E (PDF 182.2KB) – Housing Solutions Enforcement Policy - 2014

Park Homes Site Licensing Fees Policy (PDF 5.2MB)

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