Houses in Multiple Occupation - HMO

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing

Larger HMOs of 3 storeys or more and with 5 or more occupants need to be licensed. The landlord should make an application to us. Failure to operate this type of HMO without a licence is an offence, which can result in prosecution and a hefty fine.

Apply for a HMO licence >>

We inspect the HMO to ensure that it is of an acceptable standard regarding:

  • fire precautions
  • space
  • amenities
  • state of repair
  • gas and electrical safety
  • management

It is then then risk rated.

Additionally, checks are made to ensure that the proposed licensee is a fit with the proper person.

We then grant a licence for a set number of persons and / or households to occupy the premises. There may be other conditions attached.

The licence granted lasts for 5 years.

The application fee (PDF 90.1KB) can be paid by a debit or credit card by calling us on 0300 300 8007.

Download the public register of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) (PDF 21.1KB)

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