Let's Rent

Rent deposit scheme and rent in advance scheme

We can pay up to 6 weeks deposit and 6 weeks rent in advance. In some cases we can top up the shortfall in rent up to £200 a month and arrange an interest free repayment loan.

Who qualifies?

Anyone who has a local connection to the borough of Central Bedfordshire who:

  • is a UK citizen with recourse to public funds
  • has been given notice to leave their present home or is homeless
  • must be able to afford the rent every month
  • must not have lost accommodation due to any anti social behaviour orders, county court judgments or breach of tenancy agreement such as rent arrears or tenant conduct

How to apply

You will need to contact our Housing Solutions (Options) Team on Tel: 0300 300 4370 who have offices based at either:

Watling House
Housing Options
High Street North

Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

You will be interviewed by a Housing Options Officer and will need to:

  • complete an income and expenditure form
  • complete a Lets Rent referral form
  • provide information about your income and any benefits claimed

If you meet the criteria, you will be registered onto the scheme.

What happens next?

You may be able to:

  • find your own private rented property and need some assistance with the deposit
  • or we may offer you a private rental property where a landlord has agreed to privately rent through this scheme. You will be invited to view the property and discuss the terms of the tenancy. The landlord will manage your tenancy and not the council. You may need to find a guarantor in some cases.

What condition can I expect the property to be in?

A Let's Rent Officer will carry out an inspection of the property to ensure that the condition of the property meets a certain standard of repairs and it is safe for you to live in. If you have found your own landlord through a Lettings Agency, we will not inspect the property.

How does the deposit work?

If you accept the property, the deposit is paid directly to the landlord who will be expected to place this into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and return the deposit at the end of the tenancy to us.

In some circumstances you could receive help with a loan for payment of ‘rent in advance’. For more information, please call Housing Solutions (Options) team 0300 300 4370 and ask to speak to the Let's Rent Officer.

Your new tenancy

You will need to sign a tenancy agreement. The Let's Rent Officer can be present at the sign up.

It is your responsibility to keep the property in good condition and pay your rent even if you are receiving Housing Benefit. Failure to do so could mean that you fall into arrears, become at risk of eviction and could be classed as intentionally homeless. You may be charged for any loss of deposit or rent in advance that has not been returned at the end of the tenancy.

A full tenant information pack will be given to you at the start of your tenancy.

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