Getting care and support

What happens after your care needs assessment

You will receive a written copy of your assessment.

After your assessment, we will decide if you are eligible for care and support.

If you are not eligible, we will provide you with information and advice on what can be done to meet or reduce your needs and what can be done to prevent or delay the development of needs in the future.

This may include information about other organisations that may be able to help you and any other support you might find useful.

If you have some eligible needs, we will agree with you which of your needs you would like us to meet and consider how we can help.

If you have eligible needs and want adult social care help to arrange support, we will work with you to develop a Care and Support Plan.

Care and Support Plan

A Care and Support Plan documents your needs from the assessment and includes:

  • how they will be met
  • who will meet them
  • how much it will cost

We will involve you in this and explain your options. We want to make sure the support we provide helps you to remain healthy and happy.

We have to agree your Care and Support Plan. It will include:

  • whether these needs meet the eligibility criteria
  • the needs we will meet and how we will do it
  • your desired outcomes – the things you wish to achieve in daily life
  • your personal budget
  • information and advice on what can be done to reduce your needs and to prevent or delay the development of needs in the future
  • direct payments – details of the needs to be met by a direct payment and the amount and frequency of the payments

This easy read support-planning booklet (PDF 444.4KB) explains in simple terms the various elements that make up a Care and Support plan.  

Challenging the assessment

If you feel that the information we have used is incorrect, or you have forgotten to tell us something, please let us know straight away.

Contact our customer service team on 0300 300 8303.

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