Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing in Dunstable

If you would like to view any of the accommodation listed below, please contact us on 0300 300 5421 or 0300 300 5384.

Albert Court – Dunstable

Albert Court
King Street

About the property

There are 23 properties:

  • 18 one bedroom flats
  • 5 one-bedroom bungalows, with individual gardens

The flats are on ground and first floors and have door entry systems for resident’s safety and security.
Communal facilities include a guest room, drying areas inside building and car parking for residents and their guests and communal gardens.

Ashcroft – Dunstable

Brewers Hill Road
LU6 31DY

About the property 

Ashcroft (link opens in new window) is near the outskirts of Dunstable in the Brewers Hill area.
It is on the main route in to Dunstable town centre. Part of the scheme is located at the end of a cul-de-sac.
It has 14 one-bedroom bungalows, with individual front gardens and a communal rear garden.
Communal facilities include drying areas and a patio.

The bungalow at Number 57 is the location of the communal room and kitchen.
The communal room is available for private functions.

Croft Green – Dunstable

Croft Green

About the property

Croft Green (link opens in new window) is located on the outskirts of Dunstable, and forms an oval shape exclusively for the elderly. It is 10 minutes from the town centre.
Croft Green has 23 properties: The former 9 bedsit block are currently under development to provide eventually 23 flats.

23 bungalows
All properties have access to a communal garden both front and rear, and there are limited car parking facilities for residents and their visitors.
The communal facilities include a laundry room, communal room and drying areas for all residents use.

Furness Avenue – Dunstable

Furness Avenue

About the property  Furness Avenue (link opens in new window) is in a quiet area of Dunstable. It is 15 minutes walk to the town centre.
The scheme has 45 one-bedroom flats, and 2 purpose built bungalows for those with special needs.
There is parking for residents and visitors, along with garages for rent.
It has communal gardens, communal lounge, and a guest room.
The door entry is secure and there are private individual gardens.

Holts Court – Dunstable

Holts Court
Edward Street

About the property 

Holts Court (link opens in new window) is close to Dunstable town centre.
It is a purpose built building, surrounded by general needs housing, with other elderly housing residences located nearby.
It has 16 one-bedroom flats and a one-bedroom special needs flat. Flats are on ground or first floors and are accessible by lifts.
Communal facilities include a communal room, laundry room, parking facilities for residents and relatives and communal gardens. There is a secure garden and drying area to the rear.
It has secure door entry and barrier car park. 

Kingsbury Court – Dunstable

Kingsbury Court
Church Street

About the property 

Kingsbury Court (link opens in new window) has 25 properties:

  • 25 internal flats with secure door entry. All properties have secure door entry systems and access to communal gardens, laundry room, gazebo, communal room and parking for residents and visitors.

It is in the heart of Dunstable, in a cul-de-sac designated specifically for the elderly.
A doctor’s surgery is located at the entrance of the scheme, and Dunstable shopping centre is 2 to 3 minutes walk.

Mayfield Road – Dunstable

Mayfield Road

About the property 

Mayfield Road (link opens in new window) has 24 one-bedroom bungalows with individual gardens.
Communal facilities include communal lounge, large green outside of the properties, and limited parking for residents and visitors.
It is on the Downside estate and is not easily identifiable as a sheltered housing development due to it blending in with other general needs housing
within the area.

Saxon Close – Dunstable

Saxon Close

About the property 

Saxon Close (link opens in new window) has 24 one bedroom self-contained flats on ground and first floors located in three blocks of eight
Communal facilities include drying areas, which are located inside and outside, garden areas, one large car park for residents and visitors plus garages for rent.

All three blocks have door entry systems for safety and security. Flats have low-level switches and high level sockets.
Saxon Close is outskirts of Dunstable next to general needs housing and does not stand out as housing for the elderly.

Southwood Road – Dunstable

214 to 262 Southwood Road

About the property 

Southwood Road (link opens in new window) is on the Downside estate in Dunstable.
It has 24 properties - 21 are one-bedroom flats and 3 two-bedroom properties.
Flats are self-contained on the ground, first or second floors. They have a secure door entry system.
The scheme is next to general needs housing. Residents from general needs housing share the parking.
It has a communal room for all residents to use.

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