Nursing homes

Choosing a care home

Once we have agreed that you qualify for financial help from us, you may choose a care home. We have a maximum funding level for different services and assessed levels of need. This means we will only pay up to a maximum amount for your residential or nursing home.

If you choose a home which costs more than the limit we can pay, government rules mean someone else must pay the extra. This is known as a ‘third party top up’ and must come from a third party, for example, family members, charities or friends.

If someone agrees to pay a top up for your care, they must continue to pay this during the time you are in the care home.

It is important to remember that the care home can ask you to move if it isn’t paid, and we cannot pay it for you. We would recommend that the third party topping up your care fees seeks specialist information and advice and explores all the financial options.

The only time you can act as your own ‘Third Party’ is when the value of your home is taken into consideration in the financial assessment. Any top up must be paid from capital/income that we have not taken into account in the financial assessment, or you have entered into a Deferred Payments Agreement with us.

If you are meeting the full cost of your care you can make your own arrangements with the care home of your choice. However, please be aware that if you choose a care home that cost more than our maximum funding level and you run out of money to pay for your care, we will start paying for your care but only up to this maximum amount.

If your care home costs more than this maximum amount someone else; such as family or friends, will need to pay the difference between the council’s maximum funding limit and the cost of your care.

If there is no-one who can pay this difference for you we may need to ask you to move to a different care home. We will always ensure your assessed care needs are met.

You should discuss with the owner or manager of the care home what will happen if you need assistance in paying for your care.

We strongly recommend that you seek specialist information and advice before entering into any commitments. Please see our Independent financial advice page.

You can find out about available care homes in Central Bedfordshire on our care homes page.

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