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Central Bedfordshire I Care...Ambassadors Partnership

An I Care...Ambassador employer partnership is a collective of social care employers who come together with the common purpose of promoting social care as a career. 
The aim of I Care…Ambassador services is to present a positive image of social care careers, thus supporting recruitment and retention across the social care sector. 
Key outcomes:

  • to elevate the image and status of social care and affirm professionalism
  • to sell the value and rewards of a career in care
  • to promote career and development opportunities
  • to improve public awareness of the social care sector and target a diverse range of individuals who may have skills which can enhance the sector
  • to support innovation in recruitment and retention.

What is an I Care…Ambassador?

An I Care…Ambassador helps to motivate and inspire people to consider care as a possible career path. I Care…Ambassadors have direct experience of the sector and provide their time to deliver services to help people better understand the sector. They share their own life and career journeys with those considering careers in social care. From a first-hand perspective, they directly communicate what the care sector has to offer. I Care…Ambassadors bring a career to life. They can take their audience inside a profession with many opportunities that are varied, challenging and rewarding.

Central Bedfordshire I Care… Ambassadors Partnership

For more information, or to join the I Care… Ambassador Partnership, please contact denise.meacham@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.


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