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HF Trust Limited


The prices below outline the costs for different amount of times care is delivered, this should be the same for every day of the week and for care any time between 7am and 10 pm.

Basic hourly rate
for standard domiciliary care
15 mins
30 mins
45 mins
60 mins
Council and Direct payment rate
Private rate - please contact
the provider for prices

The additional services below are also provided by this company:

Additional services costs

Hourly night rate
Waking Night
(full night)
Sleeping Night
(full night)
Live in Care
Community access/
Support (hourly)
Carers breaks
Council and
Direct Payment rate
Private rate
-please contact
provider for prices

For more information please view the providers website: HF Trust (link opens in new window)

HF Trust Limited (Hft)
Herald Resource Centre
117 Hitchin Road
SG17 5JD

Telephone: 01462 850 022

Email: John.morley@hft.org.uk

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