Election results for Town and Parish Councils - 2019

Fairfield Parish Council - 2019

Fairfield Parish Council
CandidatesDescriptionVotes cast
Nicholas Mark AndrewsIndependent375 Elected
Barrie Edward Dack 413 Elected
Penelope Anne Daffarn 394 Elected
Amanda Maria Hunt
Fairfield resident of 14 years
401 Elected
Matthew Stuart Hurley 218
Simon Charles Joseph Little 380 Elected
Shawn David Reader
340 Elected
Nicholas Reynolds 347 Elected

Rejected papers

Rejected papers
The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:Number of ballot papers
A - want an official mark 
B - voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to
C - writing or mark which voter could be identified1
D - being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty10
E - rejected in part11
Additional information
Additional information for Fairfield Parish Council 
Vacant seats7
Ballot papers issued 


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