Results of previous consultations

Early Help offer through Children's Centres

Since 2012, there has been a growing awareness nationally of the importance of Early Intervention and Early Help with the most vulnerable families, and a number of other changes in the landscape have affected the services delivered out of Children’s Centres.

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Results – Children’s Centres (PDF 191KB) .

We did

The results of the consultation were taken to Executive. As a result of the consultation, your views were taken into account and will shape the future of the service. 

It is proposed that the centres will focus on a universal service until a baby’s first birthday. This will ensure that professionals have an opportunity to work with families throughout the first year, which is the most critical time for many new families, and is the period when working parents are often on maternity / paternity leave. 

At the end of the first year, when many families will have gained the confidence to access community groups and also built up their own networks, families will be given help to access these services or assisted to begin their own. Where these are not available we will seek to provide them at the Children’s Centre.

All families with children up to age 5 will still be able to access universal services at the Children’s Centres including Health Visitor clinics, two year old checks, advice on diet and oral hygiene, speech and language drop in, and possibly some immunisations and vaccinations, as well as meeting with job-centre plus to provide training and work readiness.


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