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Dog Control Orders (public consultation)

Dog fouling across Central Bedfordshire was an offence made by an order under regulations provided by the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996. Orders were made in 1998 by Mid and South Bedfordshire District Councils.

Some Town and Parish Councils also made dog related bye-laws; including the prohibition of dogs from certain areas e.g. playing fields or enclosed children’s play areas.

The previous legislative framework was fragmented, limited in scope, and no longer fit for purpose. Significant types of land were not covered by the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 e.g. woodland, heath, common land, agricultural land, and land adjoining a highway where the speed limit is in excess of 40 mph.

We want to promote responsible dog ownership and as such, wanted to help improve our towns, villages, parks and green spaces for dog owners and residents.

The new orders, which replace previous dog fouling legislation and associated dog control by-laws, are being introduced following extensive consultation with the public, town and parish councils, land managers and other organisations including dog training schools and dog charities.

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Results – Dog Orders (PDF 241.9KB) .

We did

Dog Control Orders were brought in on the 19th October 2014 taking into account the results from the consultation. 

The orders are:

  • the fouling of land by dogs
  • dogs on leads
  • dogs on leads by direction
  • dog exclusion 
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