Results of previous consultations

Bus no. 73

Stagecoach assessed the existing route of this service and found that the bus has to reverse in Engayne Avenue in order to serve this area. 

We share the bus company’s concern that this manoeuvre is unsafe and is no longer acceptable. 

As a result, the number 73 bus service had to change and we wanted your views on alternative routes.

Stagecoach could have decided on a new route and change the service without any consultation but wanted to listen to local residents’ views before deciding on a new route. 

You said

Results – Bus no. 73 (PDF 278KB) .

We did

As a result of the consultation, Stagecoach have announced a new route in May 2015.

It will serve Tesco, the railway station and operate closer to the Fallowfield estate, but will be withdrawn from Engayne Avenue following safety concerns about buses reversing there.

Because of concerns about the bus service being lost to residents of Engayne Avenue, Central Bedfordshire Council have introduced a new bus service numbered 83 which will provide a service especially for local residents.

This will link Tesco, the railway station, Market Place, Sunderland Road, St Neots Road, Engayne Avenue and West Road.

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