Changes to bin collections consultation

Garden waste

Option for change

This would no longer be provided for free. Everyone who wishes to use a fortnightly garden waste collection service will be able to do so throughout the year, for an annual charge of approximately £40 (which works out at £1.54 per collection).

Around a third of councils charge for this service. £40 is an average charge.

Customers who chose to pay for this service will be provided with a 240-litre wheelie bin. Additional wheelie bins will be available to purchase for those with larger gardens.

Would we save anything?

This option is likely to deliver very significant savings.

Garden waste FAQs

Aren’t I already paying for garden waste collections in my council tax?

Although the council has provided a garden waste collection, we are not legally required to collect it.

Reduced funding from central government means we need to maximise your council tax money, especially as there are increased pressures on the vital services we provide to protect and support vulnerable children, the elderly and disabled.

Charging for green waste would allow us to maintain the service whilst making savings. Nearly a third (30%) of councils now charge for collecting garden waste, at an average annual charge of £40.

If you decide to charge for garden waste, can I take my garden waste to the tidy tips instead?

Yes, you can take your garden waste to one of our four Household Waste Recycling Centres (tidy tips). They are open 7 days a week, from 9-5, including bank holidays.

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