Changes to bin collections consultation

Food waste

Option for change

A weekly food waste collection would be introduced for everyone.

Residents would be supplied with a food waste caddy so that everyone can avoid putting food waste in domestic waste (black) bins.

The food waste collected would be used for the production of biogas and biofertlisers. This is both more environmentally friendly and at least three times cheaper than disposing of this waste within the contents of your domestic waste (black) bin.

Would we save anything?

Although this option offers a cheaper a disposal method than black bin waste, there would be an additional cost for a separate collection, therefore this option doesn't offer any savings.

Food waste FAQs

I haven’t had food waste collections before, what does this involve?

Residents would be supplied with a lockable external food waste caddy and a smaller version to use in the kitchen, so that food waste won’t be in your domestic waste (black) bin. We will also supply bags to line the kitchen caddy for hygiene and to make it easier to transfer the contents into the larger external food waste caddy for kerbside collection. We will collect the caddy weekly.

The contents of food waste caddies are sent to an anaerobic digestion processing site and are turned into gas energy and compost. This is more environmentally friendly, and more than three times cheaper than disposing of this waste in your black bin.

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