Biggleswade skatepark consultation

Background on our Biggleswade skatepark consultation

Consultation closed: 18 March 2019 at 5pm

We consulted on plans to build a new skatepark to replace the previous one on Chambers Way in Biggleswade, which is near our Saxon Pool and Leisure Centre.

We closed the existing Biggleswade skatepark in June 2018, due to health and safety fears about the structural condition of some of the ramps, following a weekly routine inspection. This is the only skatepark that we manage (all others are managed by local town or parish councils).

There were no incidents, but the skatepark had been open for around 15 years, which is relatively old. During that time, we continued to undertake ongoing repairs and maintenance to the facilities and spent £26,000 on its maintenance over the previous six years.

However, despite the repairs and adaptions done to keep it operational for as long as possible, the condition of the skatepark’s metal-framed ramps had deteriorated with age.

In order to protect the public, we brought in independent safety assessment experts, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). In its report, RoSPA concluded that due to excessive levels of corrosion and wear to critical areas of the metal surfaces, the ramps were no longer serviceable and were beyond repair.

The ramps on the old skatepark were therefore removed in early January 2019.

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