Educational psychology for parents

Educational Psychologists (EPs)

Educational Psychologists work with all children and young people who are going through an Educational and Health Care (EHC) Needs assessment.

In addition to support for individual children and young people with complex needs, EPs also provide:

  • training
  • specialist programmes
  • interventions to develop the knowledge and skills of educational practitioners

Which children will Educational Psychologists become involved with at school?

The Educational Psychology team is funded by the Local Authority to provide support to those children and young people:

  • with complex needs requiring multiagency involvement
  • who are in the process of undergoing an EHC Needs Assessment
  • who have existing statements of SEN or EHC Plans and where there is a continued concern

We use the following documents to decide the level of a child’s needs:

Guidance on Special Educational Needs in the Early Years (PDF 1.7MB)

Guidance on Special Educational Needs 5 – 16 (PDF 1.3MB)

Education Health and Care Needs Assessment (PDF 96.9KB)


All of our referrals come directly from schools. If you have a concern about your child, you will need to discuss this with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at the school. They will refer your child onto us if they feel that it is appropriate. A referral to our service will always be made with your consent.

For further information, please call us on 0300 300 8304 or email

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