What is fostering?

We are responsible for arranging foster care for children in our community.

There are many reasons why we may need to arrange for children and young people to be looked after:

  • a parent may be ill or going through a particularly challenging time in their lives where they're finding it difficult to care for their children
  • a parent may have a drug or alcohol problem which prevents them from being able to care for their children
  • a parent might have had a difficult childhood themselves and be struggling to understand what their own children need
  • a child or young person might have suffered some form of abuse or neglect
  • the parents of a child or young person with a disability or special needs may need support or a short break
  • a child or young person who is seeking asylum may arrive in the UK unaccompanied, without a parent or guardian and need a person or a family to support them to independence

Whatever the reasons for a child or young person being looked after, they will need an individual or a family who can care for them and provide stability and security until they can either return to their own family or, if this isn’t possible, move onto a permanent new family.

Contact us

If you would like further information, contact the Fostering Team on 0300 300 8181 or email

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