Support for foster carers

As part of your support we will:

  • ensure you receive regular supervision and support from an allocated social worker
  • keep you updated on learning and development opportunities with a comprehensive training programme throughout your assessment and following your approval
  • provide you with an allowance for the child and you will also be paid a fee
  • support your birth children including training and activities
  • offer you regular social events including support groups
  • pay for your family to become members of the Fostering Network
  • offer support during out of office hours with access to a fostering out of hours support service and contact details of the Emergency Duty Team
  • give you the opportunity to other means of support such as mentors who are experienced foster carers
  • provide you with as much information as we can about children placed with you
  • respect you as an important member of the team supporting the child
  • involve you in policies and procedures and keep you fully informed of any changes

The benefits of fostering with Central Bedfordshire Council

One of the benefits to fostering for Central Bedfordshire Council is that we know our children.

The services that work directly with the children, their families and the foster carers are all under one big umbrella and so can quickly, efficiently and accurately share the relevant information to those that need it.

There is no middle agency to deal with.

We have also signed up to the Foster Carer Charter (PDF 93.4KB) which is a government sponsored initiative to recognise and underpin the valuable role foster carers play in caring for vulnerable children.

Contact us

If you would like further information contact the Fostering Team on 0300 300 8181 or email

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