Consumer advice

Pricing, weights and measures

Traders must display clear prices for their goods.

What the law says:

  • when goods are offered, there must be a written indication of the selling price
  • the price can be on the goods themselves or on a price list close to them. If goods are not on view, the price must be on a list or in an advertisement or catalogue
  • each price must be unambiguous, easily identifiable with the goods, and clearly legible
  • any price for goods or services must not be misleading
  • all retail prices must include VAT. If there are any non-optional extras which must be purchased with the goods, their price must either be included in the main price or displayed just as prominently together with an explanation
  • price comparisons should be factual. The abbreviation 'RRP' and 'Man. Rec. Price' are permissible. All other abbreviations should be avoided
  • price comparisons must be clearly explained and must not mislead. You should compare like with like and, where a reduced price is claimed, the product should have been offered for sale at the higher price for at least 28 days in the previous 6 months in the same outlet. If your comparison does not meet these criteria you should provide an explanation which is easily identifiable and clearly legible to the consumer

Weights and measures

The Trading Standards Service is responsible for enforcing Weights and Measures Legislation covering sale by quantity and the equipment used to determine those quantities. We inspect goods and equipment at both retail and production level.

The Trading Standards Service is also responsible for the routine testing of weighing and measuring equipment. We can also test equipment that is required to be verified following repair or installation. Typical examples include scales, weigh bridges, petrol pumps and bulk fuel tankers.

To make a complaint, or to raise your concerns about weights and measures, please email, or call 0300 300 8136.

Public weighbridges in Central Bedfordshire

Biffa Waste Ltd.
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Telephone: 01582 344039

Central Bedfordshire Council
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