Consumer advice

Product safety

The Trading Standards team is responsible for enforcing the laws that ensure consumer goods are safe. This may include carrying out inspections at businesses, market surveillance, or complaint investigations.

Common examples of safety problems include:

  • toys with small detachable parts which could choke a child
  • badly designed or constructed electrical items which could result in over-heating or electric shock
  • unlabelled cosmetic products which may contain harmful or toxic ingredients
  • potential strangulation hazards for children (i.e. ribbons or pull-cords on children’s clothing or cords for window blinds)

If warranted, we can arrange for some types of products to be tested by an appropriate test house to determine if they comply with relevant safety standards.

If they do not comply then the matter may be investigated further, which in some serious cases may lead to prosecution, or the product may be subject to a recall. View information (link opens in new window) on the latest product recalls.

Where unsafe goods are found on sale, officers can seize them or issue an enforcement notice prohibiting the product from being sold.

If you wish to make a complaint about the safety of a product that you have recently purchased, stop using it any further and keep it secure. Retain any documents such as the packaging, any warnings and instructions, along with a record of any injuries that may have been caused.

You can also register your electrical and gas appliances with the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (link opens in new window) (AMDEA) and you will be the first to know of any safety repairs or recalls that affect any of your appliances.

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